Educators Grades - k-3

taught by Kimberly Cope
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This course provides a young students first introduction to entrepreneurship and giving back. Students will learn how a business works, the importance of teamwork, and working towards a common goal. We highly recommend having older students grades 2-3 work with and mentor the younger students k-1. This allows your older students to truly take on a leadership role while allowing the younger students to develop new skills. Let's work together to give your students their first taste of real world experience and to make an impact in our world!

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Please note, this program will require you to provide a $100 micro-loan for your class. You may choose a smaller or larger amount but we highly recommend providing a micro-loan to your class to ensure they gain the right financial literacy skills.

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Kimberly Cope
Kimberly Cope
Founder, Startup Skool